Saturday, December 25, 2010

Russian American Institute RAI

Russian American Friendship Society

Mission Statement

The Russian American Institute is based on a commonality of interests between two great peoples based on religious, cultural, ethnic, commercial, political, and geopolitical commonality and interests, rooted in, and demonstrated by, long standing historical processes.  

These two great peoples, have been in the past, and  now 
are, natural allies, friends and cooperators, enjoying a special relationship that resembles in some ways the special relationship America has with England and Israel. Closer friendship and a developed alliance would benefit both countries, promote world peace, and contribute to reducing mindless oppositions among peoples and nations based on religious, ethnic and racial bigotry. 

Great possibilities, beyond present levels exist in the commercial arena, but these improvements need to be assiduously cultivated and developed. Competition alone should never be allowed to obscure the value of increased commercial ties, and conflicts over different social systems should not be allowed to estrange these two great countries. Strict respect for, and non-interference in, each others internal affairs are necessary to any strong and lasting friendship. 

The purpose of this organization is to promote good will and cooperation at every level and in every sphere between Russia and America, for the mutual benefit of both. 


Supporting This Work